Wise & Wealthy: Rich habits and investing your own money

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#77 – June 26, 2023

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Wise: Rich habits

Earn, save, invest. If you want to get rich, those three things always need to be on your mind. In that order too. 

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, said this is the key to wealth building: 

”Investing should be a permanent thing. Save, invest. Save, invest. Guessing at market tops, market bottoms – that is a complete loser’s game. I’ve never seen anyone win at it. The smartest investor in the world, Warren Buffett, would say that is not the way to invest.” 

It’s really not that complicated. You don’t even need to earn a lot of money to become wealthy if you have healthy financial habits. 

It’s a waste of time to try day trading yourself to wealth or going after a lot of money at once with a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Just focus on the basic habits that lead to wealth and a good life.

↳ Earn, Save, Invest: 3 Rich Habits for Life

Wealthy: Investing your money

My friends, family, and readers often ask whether they should invest money through a third party.

They talk about “agencies” or “investing companies” who advertise online and on social media with the message:

“Just give us your money, and we will give you X% returns every month.”

Here’s a rule of thumb: If third parties make that type of pitch, RUN as fast as you can. Promising returns on your money is almost always a pyramid scheme.

This is why I’m a proponent of boosting financial literacy. Knowledge is the best bullshit detector.

Once you have basic investing knowledge, you’re better equipped at evaluating investment opportunities. 

That way you can invest your own money wisely.

↳ Why You Should Invest Your Own Money

One interesting thing

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