Wise & Wealthy: 10 productivity tips and navigating market volatility

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#84 – August 14, 2023

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Wise: Raise your productivity

Let me share a few things that will instantly boost your productivity today. 

  • Turn off non-essential notifications: That’s basically every app that’s not important to you and your work. The important thing here is that your phone doesn’t use you. Don’t let other people’s agenda become your to-do list.
  • Use the Pomodoro technique: Take a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work. And use a Pomodoro app so you can see the timer on your screen.
  • Use affirmations: I’m not a fan of old-school affirmations like, “I’m the greatest.” There’s a practical way to do affirmations. You just have to do it in a way that doesn’t make you cringe. Use positive self-talk.
  • Clean up your workspace: My workspace really affects my work. I don’t need a big home office or anything like that. I worked out of my bedroom for years. I just want an empty and clean desk so I can focus on my work.
  • Set a new and exciting goal: Sometimes, when you’re feeling down and unproductive, the best solution is to shake things up in your life. Give yourself something good and exciting to look forward to. And commit to achieving that goal.

I have 5 more tips in the full article.

↳ 10 Ways to Raise Your Productivity Today

Wealthy: Market volatility

In the stock market, volatility refers to the degree of variation in a stock’s price over a certain time.

Here’s the most important thing: Stock market volatility is not the same thing as risk.

Some people say higher volatility indicates a greater range of potential returns and thus, higher risk. That might be true in the short term when volatility is higher than usual.

But in general, volatility doesn’t predict long-term market returns.

For example, in 2022 we saw a lot of volatility in the market. Sure, the market was down. But we still had that volatility at the beginning of this year, and we’re up substantially for the year.

Bouts of high volatility are followed by relative calm, until the next bout of wild up-and-down swings.

As an investor, we must deal with that properly. More on that in my latest article. 

↳ Navigating Market Volatility: Strategies for Long-Term Stock Investors

One interesting thing

I just published a new video on YouTube. It’s my first one in a while. It’s about how I use my “Do It Today” philosophy in daily life.

I also share a recent personal example of how I’ve used it to boost my own productivity.

Check out the video here: youtu.be/BiRx1Cl44EU

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this edition of Wise & Wealthy useful.

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