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#90 – September 25, 2023

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Wise: Meaningful productivity

Productivity does not equal busyness. This is the most important realization that I had in my career.

Once I understood the true definition of productivity, I didn’t only accomplish more, I also felt happier.

I must tell you that my happiness, wealth, and health all improved once I focused on one thing: Improving my productivity.

The moment I finally figured out how to achieve a goal in the most effective way (which is what productivity is about), I started making meaningful progress in my life.

And this is what I think is the most important thing in life: Making meaningful progress.

In my new article, I share how to achieve that.

↳ Meaningful Productivity: Achieve More, Stress Less

Wealthy: Matthew Effect

The Matthew Effect, also known as the platitude, “the rich only get richer.”

It’s a scientifically recognized phenomenon that has been studied by sociologists and economists.

Coined by sociologists Robert K. Merton and Harriet Zuckerman in 1968, the term derives its name from a biblical parable found in the Gospel of Matthew.

The underlying mechanism of the Matthew Effect is preferential attachment. 

In simpler terms, it’s the idea that wealth gravitates towards those who already have it. 

If you have more resources, you’ll generally find it easier to gain even more. But if you don’t have any resources to begin with, it’s hard to grow. 

This is like a self-enforcing loop. Can you break the loop if you’re not rich yet?

↳ The Matthew Effect: Why the Rich Get Richer

One interesting thing

I’m currently resonating a lot with Angela Duckworth’s book and philosophy of Grit. Particularly this quote:

“To be gritty is to resist complacency.” 

I’ve been teaching online courses since 2016 and sometimes it’s tempting to just do the same thing over and over again. But the above quote really inspired me to keep improving my work.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this edition of Wise & Wealthy useful.

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