Wise & Wealthy: Living in big cities and exercising when you’re tired

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#101 – December 11, 2023

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Wise: Exercising when tired/busy

There are two main reasons people don’t exercise: They’re “too busy,” or “too tired.” So they find it hard to make time for exercise.

But we all need to exercise. That’s actually one of the few things you can say about everyone. We need food, sleep, and movement. Those are the essentials of a good life.

Science has shown that exercise also improves your focus and energy. Which helps a lot when your day is packed with activities.

Here’s the key to exercising even when you’re too busy or tired: Do what you can, not what you wish to do.

That way you will work out even when you’re tired, busy, or overwhelmed.

If exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, you will do something active every day. In my latest article, I share 3 ways we can make sure we stay active.

↳ How to Exercise When You’re Busy or Tired

Wealthy: Living in a big city

Big cities draw people in with the promise of better job opportunities, exciting entertainment, and the chance to meet new folks.

But what if I told you that big cities are designed to keep you poor and trapped in an unfulfilling life? 

While living in a big city might seem glamorous at first, it’s essential to understand the hidden costs. 

High living expenses, such as rent and transportation, eat away at your income. On top of that, there are too many temptations in cities. That makes it easier to spend money on leisure.

I lived in London for a year and a half and spent every dime I earned. Since I moved out, I’ve been able to build wealth much faster. I spend less and have more focus.

↳ Why Living in a Big City Is Making You Poor

One interesting thing

I recently read The Molecule of More by Daniel Lieberman and Michael Long. It’s a book about the role of dopamine in our daily lives.

Here’s one of my favorite takeaways:

“Sometimes we switch off the TV, get off the couch, and go for a run. What kind of circuit in the brain is powerful enough to oppose dopamine? Dopamine is. Dopamine opposing dopamine.”

Many unproductive things generate dopamine (think of browsing social media). If you want to stop that behavior, do a healthier alternative that also releases dopamine. 

Things like exercising, reading, working on a passion project, or taking a very long walk in a new place.

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