Wise & Wealthy: Exercising daily and living a life of pleasure

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#115 – March 11, 2024

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Wise: Exercising daily

The most important thing about maintaining a daily exercise habit is to make sure you have an emotional payoff every time you exercise.

By doing something active each day that also makes you feel good, you make sure you keep going

Don’t focus on goals that are too far out in the future, like looking a certain way or losing a certain amount of weight.

Focus on what you get out of your next workout. Since I’ve focused on the emotional payoff, I might’ve become less “scientific” but I’m more consistent.

You really don’t have to measure everything and follow scientific protocols to stay healthy.

Get moving. And do something that makes YOU feel good—not something scientists tell you to do. More on that in my new article.

↳ Emotional Payoff: The Best Source of Motivation for Exercising Daily

Wealthy: Life of pleasure

Stoicism has become popular in the past couple of years. People realized that hedonism — or a life of always chasing after pleasure and avoiding pain — doesn’t bring genuine happiness.

Hedonism can also be expensive. An overly luxurious lifestyle will destroy your wealth.

But there is a middle ground. We can look for clues in the philosophy of Epicureanism.

Instead of trying to pay for all of your desires, simply ensure you can satisfy your most important and necessary desires.

The key is to renounce the desires that aren’t truly important to you. And stick to goals that you genuinely want.

In my latest article, I talk about the dichotomy of pleasure and how you can responsibly enjoy yourself.

↳ A Life of Pleasure: How to Enjoy Yourself Without Destroying Your Wealth

One interesting thing

Tilman Fertitta, the billionaire owner of the Houston Rockets basketball team, once said in an interview:

“I struggle to put gas in my car. I wouldn’t even know how to change the oil. But you can bring in a business that I’ve never seen before, and I can tell you in three or four minutes if it’s a good business, what the numbers are, and what that business is worth.”

This is the power of keeping this simple.

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