Wise & Wealthy: A rich mind and key stock metrics

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#80 – July 17, 2023

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Wise: A rich mind

Do you often feel bored? Or restless? If your answer is no to both, that’s a sign of a rich mind.

When you enrich your mind, you’re never bored or lonely.

Your mind has a constant thirst for more knowledge. And that will keep you active forever.

Malcolm X, spent most of his six and a half years in prison reading books—day and night. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X, he wrote about his nightly reading habits:

“At one-hour intervals, the night guards paced past every room. Each time I heard the approaching footsteps, I jumped into bed and feigned sleep. And as soon as the guard passed, I got back out of bed onto the floor area of that light-glow, where I would read for another fifty-eight minutes…”

He was physically caged within the walls of the prison, but his mind was free.

That’s the power of a rich mind. No matter how isolated you are, your mind will never be alone. It will be rich in knowledge and ideas.

↳ How to Develop a Rich Mind

Wealthy: Key stock metrics

Investing in individual stocks is a dangerous endeavor if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Without understanding the key metrics that determine a good investment, a stock investor can lose a lot of money.

When I first started buying stocks, I only heard of the price-to-earnings ratio. The P/E ratio is a classic metric used by value investors.

But the stock of a company with an attractive P/E ratio is not always a good investment. Investing in stocks is never as obvious as it might seem.

In my latest article, I share seven key metrics that successful stock investors should understand.

↳ 7 Key Metrics Every Stock Investor Should Understand

One interesting thing

I was listening to Joseph Goldstein’s Insight Hour podcast. In an episode about mindfulness, Goldstein said:

“In every moment of noticing, in every moment of being mindful, when there is no ignorance, when there is no delusion, when we are seeing things actually as they are, at that moment, the mind is purified.”

Seeing things for what they are is not easy because we often prefer to run away from reality. But we must resist that urge if we want to have a calm mind.

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