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I recently published The Road To Better Habits. In that book, I share my framework for changing habits. It has truly changed my life.

And I want to hear what role habits play in your life! Feel free to share your thoughts/ideas/tips below. I read all comments. You can also share your feedback about the book with us!



  1. Just finished reading this beautiful book online, very much useful…. keep writing and you’re very good at it….

  2. I currently have two books written on Wattpad and I actually referenced your article “Stop spending so much time in your head” in my second book. That article is amazing and I can’t wait to start your book. I hope you check out mine too! My dream is to be a writer.
    ♡ Hayleigh Simon

  3. You’re very right. I really hope to inspire more people with my writing as you do and get my name out there, but slow progress is better than no progress 😁. I’m looking forward to our future discussion about your new book!

  4. A wise man told me at the beginning of my career to take care of the most uncomfortable, hard, frustrating issue of the day first thing in the am. Once these are behind you your mind can focus on those things that are enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. In other words, if you have to fire someone do it first thing in the am.

  5. Great read Darius! Thanks for speaking on the influences of nature and how bad things can always happen no matter how much we are on top of our habits. Great insight! Keep it up! – Gabriel

  6. That’s a load of great advice Darius, thanks for sharing. I started a daily writing habit recently & have been finding it was taking so long to reach my target of 400-500 words that I found myself slipping some days but after reading this, I realise I can just make writing each day the target, not completing a full article. That small mind shift is very helpful, thank you.

  7. Merci beaucoup Darius pour tous les liens que tu nous donnent à travers internet. Des liens utiles et enrichissants pour nos vies entières.
    Je découvre qu’on peut faire plus en lisant des livres inspirant, et mieux en suivant des coach avisés comme toi.
    Merci encore pour tous ces liens.

  8. The Road To Better Habits
    – Wow. Just wow.

    I think you probably hit almost all the pointers that i was concerned with.
    Especially on the “cold showers” habit. Now i gotta question myself, why am I doing it for.

  9. Thanks Darius, I love your work, I have put a lot of time into creating new habits and have been successful but often old habits have remained so I particularly like your insights into stopping bad habits and tracking what you do and don’t do as the section on actively planning your day. Thank you for sharing!

  10. It took a long time for me too read. But, as always as I read your writing, it was worth to read. I’m always amazed that you could write beautifully about these not-beautiful contents, practical and self-discipline things. Your articles are more interesting than entertaining things like novels. Thank you Darius!

  11. I really appreciated your book. The ideas you are presenting are simple and inspiring, but also very valuable in the real world. Darius, keep doing what your doing, you got it right.

  12. I love how and what you write. A co-dependent in recovery from the devastating actions of a narcissist/psychopath, your words have been extremely helpful. Am getting stronger. Writing has had both positive and negative affects on my life, but am continuing, its better direction influenced by your reasoning. Received your great book in time to make a difference in how I go ahead. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for this book, which is well written. Your thoughts are matching very well to that of mine to the fact that I have come out of many difficult period during my vast carrier of 44 years in one company by adopting to this type following and changing habits . I am sure this book will help many who are in need of understanding and breaking the habits which are harming them.

    Keep it up.

  14. I’ve just finished the book and it’s very good! Goes directly to the point, which is something I really value in this kind of books.
    Thank you so much for giving it away for free!

  15. The fear is that just like the 10000 books on productivity, better living that I have read in the past and somehow forgotten. This too will be.

    Also not sure how the F do people set S.M.A.R.T goals for themselves. I have read everything about them but still don’t know how to set one for myself!

  16. Love this simple 5-step system. You’re the King of systems :-)

    Most important message for me: track habits daily and focus on the bad habits — where can I improve the easiest?

    This is a great:

    “Achieving success is not about hitting home runs. It’s about doing the right things, every day.”

    Thanks for sharing this book so freely.

  17. I read the ebook and I must say it has helped me see issues in a different way. I have printed out this article so that I can read every single day.
    Thanks for the article

  18. The best part about this ebook is that, it is to-the-point, like all your other articles. Very relatable and practical. Thank you for this Darius.

  19. This is one of the shortest – but most profound – books I have ever read. As soon as I downloaded it I read it right thru. Well and simply stated. I’m motivated to change my life and this book will be the catalyst to help me do that. I’m in Vancouver, BC. If anybody would like to “partner up” to be an accountability buddy I’d welcome it…! JNH

  20. I just finished reading your book. It was crisp, to the point, and so very useful. I loved it!
    I can relate to a lot of things you talked about in your book. I have been trying to form good habits, but have met with setbacks far too many times. But your book has been inspiring, and I think I am going to read it over and over again to keep me on track. Thanks, Darius!

  21. Thank you so much Darius for writing and sharing this. I knew I had to get back to my productive self but I wasn’t able to start. I kept procrastinating (I was overwhelmed by the “results”) but this 29 pager gift gave the Kickstart to my new life. Thanks again!

  22. I just finished reading your book, and I have to say it is awesome! I just got a job in a new country, although I’ve been her for a year now, and though the job is everything I could wish for, the transition has messed with my mind quite a bit lol… getting in the right mindset and getting the right habits going is definitely the way to go, and this book plus some articles I’ve read on your blog are exactly the beacon I needed. Thanks for this, I also enjoy your writing style a lot! Keep making the world a better place, one word at a time :)

  23. Hello Darius,

    I did read your little book with a great idea – “The Road to better Habits”, and I want to thank you for your working and sharing. This little book has great mental pabulum!


  24. Hi Darius,
    I read the Essentialism book of Greg McKeown a few months ago and by applying a handful of simple rules, my life has changed quite a bit. I find many elements of that book here in yours and I have the feeling I read your book on the right time, since I feel that I start to struggle with a few of my habits. Thanks for giving me new motivation to keep going!
    All the best,

  25. tanks ewrithing you wrote my english writhe. im a person 20 years winter summer every day waking in a woods mining every day never day of and biking 17 yeast winter summer to

  26. Darius, thank you for sharing the book. You’re a talented young man with a very nice writing style. I certainly gained some insight from your book.

  27. Darius, thank you for this book. It crystallizes my experience of the last several months. On April 2 I began participating in a 12-Step program that demanded more accountability to myself, on a daily basis, then I had ever committed in the 30 years previous. I have continued to do this work daily since then, and miracles are happening in my life. What you say succinctly identifies the lessons from the (AA) Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book. All that I have been doing has allowed me to be “in the moment” so much more of the time and not generating responses that come from the patterns and habits of my childhood. I feel like I have more brain cells available, more internal resources, and my mind, (which already was imaginative), is more creative than ever. I could try to do all the projects that my creativity points to, but as you stated, I do best starting with little goals and building the habit. After years of leaving objects out so I can see them and be reminded of something I was “going to do”, I now have places for most of my things and I’m taking the time to put things away. I also am throwing out lots, because it really doesn’t matter how much I spent on something if its inconsistent with my life goals now.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve heard it more often that habit forming is like the 12-Step program. That system has been around for ages and has proved to be successful. What matters is that we improve our lives. All the best!

  28. Hey Darius I read both of your books, they are amazing and concise. Also I loved the fact that you are very honest and relatable. Its great to have all relevant information together and literally bridging all the gaps and doubts. Kudos to you and thanks for helping people like us. Hopefully, I will too learn and implement things and finally come out of the procrastination cycle. Thanks again :)

  29. Hi Darius. I’ve been following you for a few months now. Just finished your Better Habits. I wasn’t sure the best way to contact you so I’m putting it here. And you may have already written an article about this but I was wondering how one goes about finding a mentor. What qualities do you look for and how do you establish a good relationship with one? Can we talk about this? I am trying to improve my life and I get very excited reading your articles but then I also get a little overwhelmed when thinking about putting it all into practice. I know- one habit at a time but still…

  30. Hi Darius. Enjoyed reading the book and am also finding it very useful. I liked the last 2 chapters “What to do when you fall back” and Different way of living” best. This is something rarely discussed in other articles and books. Thank you.

  31. Factual, rich, simplified, easy-to-follow, life changing and….altruistic. Appreciation for the extra authored materials and web links

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this book. I am 78 and have lacked self discipline all my life! I hope I have many more years to go so want to at least reach some kind of discipline before I leave this life.
    I like the idea of blogging . Is that just journaling or is it writing on the internet. If I start a blog I think it would help me to be more accountable. How do I begin a blog?

  33. Darius, I’ve just read your book. After spending several months getting to grips with an event that happened in my life, my writing world was paralysed. I have a website on cats; I write a newspaper column on cat care; I am trying to get one book published (on my journey of living with leukaemia) and I’m researching for my 4th book – I couldn’t do anything – other than cry. I knew I needed a kick up the butt to get me going again but even though I’d give myself a good talking to, I also knew that I wasn’t listening to myself! I was unhappy with my world but seemingly powerless to make any changes to it – until now. Until I read your book. Until I saw that I could make changes – good ones – that would make a huge difference to not only how I feel about what happened, but how I move forward in my life. Thank you so much. You’re an inspiration. Today, I’ve made a list (for the first time in months) of the jobs that I need to work on. Then from that list, I’ve taken three items that I intend to work on today. Tomorrow, I’ll take three more and so on, until the list is complete – but then I keep adding to the list as I go along!!! Thank you. Pauline (UK)

  34. Done reading!!! ❤️❤️ Shared it on facebook. Looking forward to reading all of your masterpiece. . More power to you :—)

  35. Thank you so much for your crystal clear thoughts and no fuss writing on ways to create a more fulfilling life with better habits. Many of these things I am already doing, but I still have a long way to go and much to do to improve my quality of life. I worry and fret too much about the world we live in today and know that many things that have an impact on our life that I have absolutely zero control over. Those things are way bigger than me, so I have to change something else and that’s me. One is definitely to write everyday – something I have been itching to do for a long time. I just haven’t had the courage. But you’ve given me a new impetus and a new way to think about my life and I am going to get started with some of your excellent suggestions. Thank you Darius!

  36. Hello Darius
    Thank for making e-book for someone like me who thinking life is over for them! I’m going to keep reading your books for motivational purposes! Thank you for taking your time out to write this book help people live better lives!

  37. I am not familiar about that however when I started to read this book. I found so many different and unique qualities which could be change in our daily life routine. This is the first book which I road today, now I will do reading on daily basis. Its help to me for learning and improving my English skills. Thanks for this book…. really appreciated…

  38. Totally loved reading the free ebook. I read it in one shot. I just couldn’t stop reading. It’s just what I needed. Thanks SO much for your generosity etc. I can’t wait to re read it & start to plan/do my life in a different way. I’ll keep you posted. Promise! Now there’s a commitment from me. It takes so much for me to promise something as I’m very true to my word & take such gestures very seriously. So thanks again & well done for all your success. Truly well deserved. Lisa

  39. On page 21, you say don’t focus on metrics. A paragraph or so later, you state you should track your progress. Either I’m missing something (entirely possible) or you are arguing against yourself.

    1. You’re missing the subtleties of life. Track your progress but don’t focus too much on it. That’s it. Don’t take things literally my friend. Life is complex and things are subtle. Use your own brain to connect the dots and find what works for you instead of trying to sound smart.

  40. Thank you so much. My husband and I are pretty good at helping each other achieve our goals. I read it in just a few hours. I cant wait to share it with him.

  41. Dear Darius,
    I’m afraid I am not able to find the link on site to download your acclaimed book ‘ The Road to Better Habits’.
    Could you please let me know how I could get the book?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  42. Hi, I totally agree with you. And you are part of my habit change for this year … I tell you, one of my goals for this year is to improve my little English by reading a book in English every quarter and this is my first book in life (I am Mexican and I speak Spanish), it was the best book to start, thanks for sharing it with us.

  43. I have just finished reading but I can authoritatively say the book is talking about reality, more surprising I have been reluctant not focusing but I now it’s very fundamental in planning.
    I loved reading about focusing on efforts not the results

    Keep writing, future looks bright

  44. I loved the way you wrote express your thoughts
    I would really try to apply this personally
    But I’m not good reader I’ll try to spend some time on reading,if you have any motivational ebook please share with me

    Thank you 😊

  45. I’m a young doctor and I’m starting my carreer now. I used to be very disciplined as a student, but it become more difficult when I started working. I always search for articles and books about productivity, forming new habits, and so on, and it was very difficult to find good work on that particular topics. So I’m very greatfull that I’ve founded your work. It’s amazing. And it’s been helping me a lot in this new chapter of my life. Thank you very much. I loved the book!

  46. Just dive into this amazing read and all I want to say is that this book was exactly what I needed. Simple, short and straight to the point. I just realised today that I need to change few of my habits and this book appeared in my inbox. Gratitude for writing this and sharing with the World 🙏

  47. Your book has really helped me just reading it once. It will be the guide line I follow going forward. Thank you for writing a great book.

  48. Am really blessed to have such a wonderful book it has inspired me to set up goals and achieve them and start writing Thanks very much

  49. Hi, I just read this book, because I’m in the habit of being a lazy learner, but I am teri g to make the effort. I find it would have been good to put all the key points at the bottom. As, I amtotirednowtogo backend remind .myself what they are. I might go back, but not sure when. So for me that would help a lot. Having the key points at the end. Thanks

  50. Read your book “Road to Better Habits”. Great….I’ll start tomorrow and develop my plan, starting with goals now that I just turned 73 and have lost 2 husbands in the last 5 years to cancer. REALISTIC goals. Love writing, enjoy reading for learning…I know the road won’t be as easy as it sounds but one step at a time and be as consistent as I can be in building better habits…I have learned in my 73 years that practice of the RIGHT kind leads to achievement. I’ve known most of the truths you have written but have not applied them in a coherent methodical plan . Tracking my progress I can see, is a great way to keep the stack of pennies in a straight column. Thank you Thank you.

  51. Ok so I’ve read so many books talking about this or similar topic and usually it was full of useless author’s thoughts or stories and eventually I either skipped pages to get to the point or just quit reading.

    Your book is the one I’ve been searching for. Straight to the point – which is quite rare I would say. I totally loved it, before I even finished it I obviously told my friends about it because this book is worth recommending and – well deserved.


  52. I have enjoyed reading this script, it’s a life-changing. Thank you so I can not express my gratitude for kindness enough. Just a quick a question, what would you advise me if I’m early 30s English is my second language, my level of English is moderate and I want be a writer! Thank you

  53. Best advice and reminder i have read in weeks. Thank you for your insight and for being realist. You have my blessings. I will definitely do what i can to keep at this pointers and set a new goal this year. I appreciate your effort and positivity. Stay you Darius Foroux.

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