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#53 – January 23, 2023

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Wise: Caring about what you do

People who are great at what they do care way more about their job than the average person. They’re dedicated in a different way. 

And that doesn’t have to be related to the job itself.

A great example is the UFC fighter, Charles Oliveira. He became the UFC Lightweight champion four years after becoming a father.

Business owners often talk about feeling responsible for their employees in the same way new parents feel responsible for their children. This is a scary feeling.

But as Pema Chodron says; “Fear is a natural reaction moving closer towards the truth.” We should face our fears head-on instead of running away.

When you feel a bit of fear and pressure, it means you really care about what you do. Use that feeling.  

↳ Do You Care Enough?

Wealthy: Money-making odds

How do you succeed? How do you make money? How do you build a stable career?

No one has clear-cut answers to those questions. However, we do have the answer to not succeeding. 

For example, there’s no direct relationship between success and knowledge. Or success and hard work.

These things matter. But they only give you part of the equation. 

In my experience, hard work, grit, showing up, doing the work, learning, building, making, etc., are not the decisive factors.

To succeed, you need to have the odds in your favor. Look at everything you want to achieve in life as a game.

Then, spend your time and energy thinking about how you can win. 

And focus on the principles you can apply to win. In my latest article, I share a few of those principles.

↳ The Odds Of Making Money Are Against You

One interesting thing

I asked the AI tool, Chat GPT, to “Write a paragraph on why every person needs to have a side income.” Here’s the answer:

“Having a side income is essential in today’s day and age. With the economy becoming increasingly unpredictable and the cost of living rising, it’s important to have multiple streams of income. 

A side income can provide financial security in times of crisis and give you more freedom and flexibility to pursue your passions. 

Additionally, having a side income can give you increased skills and experience that could be useful in other areas of your life. It’s also a great way to diversify your investments and save for retirement or major purchases.”

Spot on.

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