Wise & Wealthy: Beating procrastination and letting go

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#31 – September 12, 2022

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Wise: Beating procrastination

What’s something you want to do in your life but you’re putting off until later?

“One day I’m going to start with investing.” When is one day? It’s more likely we’re not going to start at all.

When you live your life like that, one day you’ll look back and think, “Where did my time go? I haven’t done anything I said I would.”

That’s not a good feeling. I was on that path myself. And when I saw my grandmother pass away with many feelings of regret, I decided to change my lifestyle.

I looked at procrastination as my biggest enemy in life. I aimed to become someone who does what they say. I started small and kept living like that.

When you never procrastinate on the biggest things in life, you will never feel any regret. It’s a very peaceful way to live.

↳ How To Beat Procrastination (backed by science)

Wealthy: Letting go

A common theme of philosophy is that happiness comes when we let it go. When we try hard to be happy, we often end up having the opposite.

One of my favorite philosophical books on the concept of letting go is Solitude: A Return to the Self by the English psychiatrist Anthony Storr.

It’s really a fascinating book about self-knowledge and the importance of being comfortable with your own thoughts. The book is from 1988, but I think it’s more relevant now than ever.

Here’s a quote from Storr:

“With few exceptions, psychotherapists have omitted to consider the fact that the capacity to be alone is also an aspect of emotional maturity.”

So how does this relate to being wealthy? Well, we need the same kind of emotional maturity to be happy and to be wealthy.

A key lesson about living a good life is not to force things. It’s easier to build wealth when we’re comfortable walking away from it at any given moment.

↳ If You Want to Be Wealthier, Let Go

One interesting thing

This is from the book, Already Free, by psychotherapist Bruce Tift:

Another word for doing practices we don’t want to do is discipline. That’s not a favorite word in our culture, but I find the discipline to be essential in addressing these difficult, embedded patterns we all enter adulthood with.”

With better discipline, we can free our minds and focus on things that matter to us.

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