How Perfectionism Is Destroying Your Productivity (infographic)

Do you always worry that you didn’t do a good job? Do you always question your work and your actions? Are you afraid of admitting your mistakes? Does rejection make you feel like shit?

If so, check out this infographic (made with Visme) to learn why perfectionism can destroy your productivity.

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How Perfectionism Is Destroying Your ProductivityBased on How Perfectionism Is Destroying Your Productivity.

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  1. There is another really interesting dynamic I am facing now that has to do more with working for a perfectionist. I am not by nature a perfectionist. While my “good enough” attitude does not come from being slacker, but more from a place of knowing that being perfect is going to take exponential time. That is, I am fine with “A” work that takes me two hours to create vs. A+ that would have taken me 6. I wouldn’t settle for a B that took me 15 minutes. I work for a guy now who not only is a perfectionist, but thrives in the ability to immediately find the errors/gaps in what you created. Does this make me better? Yes, for sure. However, what it also does is create anxiety and stress and imposes all of the negative aspect of BEING a procrastinator on me. I don’t want to turn work in to him. Things take exponentially longer than they should (add to that a “need it now” tone he has). Additionally, and something I don’t think you mentioned is the impact it has on my ability to want to be creative or “float” ideas to him. There is never a “yes, and” mentality, but one of “yes, but,” with the “but” focusing on all of the flaws. I do see the balance of a boss who wants to make us better, I think my main frustration comes from the fact that WHAT he chooses to focus on is not SUBSTINITIVE errors and in my mind, not worth the time to ensure I don’t make them. If I turn in a 4 page analysis no volume variances and misspell “variance” once or twice, I can live with that as its not a spelling test. He cant and that’s what he focuses on and that’s where we spend our time. In summary, working for a perfectionist makes me feel/behave just like the one you describe in this post. Very interesting! Appreciate the post.

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