Wise & Wealthy: The importance of purpose and passionately making money

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#118 – April 1, 2024

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Wise: The need for purpose

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote this in his book, The Gay Science, about purpose:

“Gradually, man has become a fantastic animal that has to fulfill one more condition of existence than any other animal: man has to believe, to know, from time to time why he exists; his race cannot flourish without a periodic trust in life–without faith in reason in life.”

Nietzche said that we need to have some kind of trust in life. Just surviving, eating, working, and procreating are not enough.

The purpose is the compass that guides us through life. It’s not about achieving grandiose goals or accumulating material wealth.

It’s about finding fulfillment in what we do and making a difference.

↳ Why We Need Purpose

Wealthy: Making money from your passion

No matter what you want to do in your career, you must approach it as a business. And that’s true across the board, even if you want to help or entertain people.

The late singer and billionaire Jimmy Buffett said it best:

“If you’re an artist, if you want to have control of your life . . . then you gotta be a businessman, like it or not. So the businessman evolved out of being an artist.”

Aside from the money he made from his hit songs, Buffett built an empire of resorts, restaurants, and merchandise chains. Interestingly, Jimmy is not related to the investor Warren Buffett. But they were friends and sometimes referred to each other as “Uncle Warren” and “Cousin Jimmy.”

In my other new article, I share 5 steps you can take to earn a living by doing what you love.

↳ 5 Steps To Making Money From Your Passion

One interesting thing

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung is a well-known figure in psychiatry, but at the time, it was not a given to go into his field. This is a quote from Jung: A Very Short Introduction that captures that moment:

“When Jung informed his tutors and fellow students that he proposed to specialize in psychiatry, they were shocked, for they felt he would be wasting his talents: psychiatry was the least respected specialty in medicine [at the time] and they believed Jung could have a promising future as a physician.”

Despite the doubters, Jung pursued his passion. His decision proved pivotal, significantly influencing psychiatry and impacting countless lives.

Jung’s journey underscores the value of trusting one’s instincts over following conventional paths.

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