Wise & Wealthy: Global economic trends and rewiring your mind

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#94 – October 23, 2023

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Wise: Rewiring your mind

Many people used to think that reaching a certain age meant your brain stopped evolving. That’s where the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” comes from.

It might be harder to rewire your mind as you get older. But recent studies have shown that’s not entirely true.

Our brains are more like plastic that you can mold. It exhibits “neuroplasticity,” which means our brains constantly shape who we are.

In fact, every time we learn a new skill, our brain adapts. It can change in size and structure to accommodate the new things we learn. Our brain evolves.

Research also suggests that actively engaging your brain helps prevent or delay degenerative brain diseases.

Look at it this way. By performing certain actions or habits, you can change the way your mind operates.

↳ Small Habits That Rewire Your Mind to Be Better

Wealthy: Direction of the economy

Understanding the trends of the global economy helps us decide our careers, finances, and investments.

But that’s hard because who can you trust? Who should you believe?

So many experts, so many opinions. What we can all agree on is that the economy is in a state of constant change. 

The question is: What type of change should we expect in the economy?

In my new article, I’ll briefly share the headwinds that are slowing down the global economy and discuss the tailwinds that could potentially drive it forward. 

This knowledge helps us to make informed decisions about our financial future. 

In an era of uncertainty, understanding the factors that influence the global economy is not just beneficial — it’s essential.

Hint about my conclusion: Optimism is the way.

↳ Will the Global Economy Keep Growing in the Coming Years?

One interesting thing

When people talk about how nice it must be to live the lives of successful people, and how the grass is always greener on the other side, I remember The Last Dance.

It’s a Netflix documentary series about Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. One of Jordan’s quotes is especially memorable:

“It’s funny. A lot of people say they’d like to be Michael Jordan for a day or for a week. But let them try to be Michael Jordan for a year. See if they like it… Let them see that it’s no fun.”

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