Wise & Wealthy: Fixed vs flexible goals and an investing fallacy

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#65 – April 3, 2023

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Wise: Flexible goals

When you set out to earn more money, you tend to set absolute financial goals. Somehow this is the default thinking pattern of our brains.

When it comes to money, we prefer working with absolute numbers. 

  • Instead of saying, “I want to earn more this year than last year,”
  • We say, “I want to make $100K this year.”

I call that a ‘fixed goal.’ 

You don’t only set a fixed number you want to earn, save, or spend, you also get fixated on achieving that financial goal.

In my latest article, I share why flexible goals boost your happiness and success. 

I also share why I gave up my old goal of living in a warm place.

↳ Why You Need ‘Flexible Goals’ for Success & Happiness 

Wealthy: Investing fallacy

One of the biggest myths about investing is that you have to start early, otherwise you can never build any wealth.

This idea is not only silly, but it also discourages many people. 

I’ve heard a lot of people saying, “I should’ve started in my twenties. So it doesn’t make any sense to get started now.”

I disagree with this line of thinking. It’s never too late to start investing.

Even if you started at age 16, you probably wouldn’t become the next Warren Buffett. In fact, you’re better off if you start at a later age when you’re more patient and wiser.

Start investing when you’re ready.

↳ Investing Fallacy: ‘You Must Start Early’

One interesting thing

After how many weeks will you lose your strength and stamina when you stop working out?

I’ve always been curious about this question. Science doesn’t provide a conclusive answer. So here’s some anecdotal evidence from me.

I haven’t worked out for nearly 6 weeks because of an injury and then getting the flu. I got back to it last week and I feel about the same. 

From what I can tell, the longer you’ve worked out, the longer you will maintain your strength when you stop. If you stop after a year, you might lose a lot after 2 weeks.

When you stop working out after 10 years, you might not lose much even if you don’t work out for a month. For all you exercise addicts, you won’t die if you don’t work out for a week!

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