My new book, What It Takes To Be Free is out now

Freedom. It’s the highest aim in life. But for years, I was unfree in a free world. Unwanted responsibilities kept me caged.

In my latest book, I share how I finally became free. The book is called What It Takes To Be Free. And it’s for people who believe personal freedom is the most important thing in life.

In our free world, we can do what we want, spend time with people we like, and have a career that gives us joy. And yet, we don’t use our freedom. Why is that?

The problem is that we’re held captive by ourselves. On a deeper level, we all strive for the same thing: To be free. It’s in our nature.

Available now as an eBook, paperback, and hardcover:

Want To Help?

This book is the most important thing I’ve ever created and I will be grateful for any help you can offer.

Every review, share, forward, or introduction will help. I’m also happy to do interviews if you have a platform or know someone in the media. Simply reply to this email and tell me more about your platform. Or feel free to make an introduction.

I need your help to turn What It Takes To Be Free into a success. You see, this book is different. It’s something that a lot of people really need to read right now.

I feel that more and more people are getting bogged down by the weight of unwanted responsibilities. A lot of us feel caged by all the obligations in our lives.

We live in a free world, but we’re unfree. I want to change that for as many people as I possibly can. And I can’t do that alone. Spread the word. If you have any ideas, feel free to reach out.



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