Pitch Anything: A Strategy For Sending Cold Emails

This lesson alone can help you make thousands of dollars. I’m not kidding and I hardly make these type of comments.

When you master the strategy of writing cold emails, you can:

  • Sell more of your products, services
  • Get more clients
  • Get a job or promotion
  • Get published in top publications

In the video lesson, I talk about sharing a real life example. And here is an actual email I sent to Fast Company:

Here’s a link to the published article in case you want to check it out. 


  • Write catchy subject lines.
  • Research the person you’re reaching out to.
  • Know what they are interested in.
  • Be clear and concise about why you’re reaching out to them.
  • Also be clear on why you’re reaching out NOW. What’s the reason?
  • Always have a clear call to action. For example: If you want to set up a meeting, propose two times.