Introducing the Free Growth Kit

Free Growth Kit

In a perfect world, everything is steady. You can make plans that actually come true 100% of the time. You can anticipate things in advance. But as you and I both know, that’s not how life works.

Right now, we’re going through a global pandemic and its fallout. This is not only a health crisis, it’s a crisis of economy and progress.

Unplanned events can disrupt our modern lives. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent unexpected events. And despite that unpredictability, we still have to function. We must wake up, treat the people in our lives with respect, do our work, and find inner calm. 

Growth Kit: 6 Free Resources

But how do you adapt when life is uncertain? I’ve put together a bundle of 6 resources that will show you how to optimize your life and work during a crisis. This collection includes 4 short eBooks, a checklist, and an infographic. Here’s what inside the kit:

  • How To Be Productive During A Crisis infographic: 4 tips to get more done during a crisis
  • Effective Pitching: 7 templates you can use to increase your email response rates
  • Small Habits Checklist: My personal habit tracker
  • What It Takes To Be Free (3 chapters): The best chapters of my book on personal freedom
  • The Road To Better Habits: Transform your life by transforming your habits
  • From Procrastinate Hero to Procrastinate Zero: Tips for overcoming procrastination and achieving more

It’s a combination of new and previously-published material. Now, you can access everything in one place. Enter your email to instantly receive your Growth Kit:

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