How To Find Your Dream Job In 9 Steps

find your dream job

Many people have a job they don’t like. Many take jobs they don’t like. The reason we take jobs we don’t like is because we need money. I can’t think of any other reason people would waste their time doing something that is not passionate about. I challenge you to find your dream job—a job that you love doing 7 days a week. Work that doesn’t feel like work. In that way, you are not only living for the weekend.

Many of us only live on the weekend and after 5 pm on weekdays. ‘The American Time Use Survey’ shows that we spend almost 40% of our time at work. Would you waste 40% of your money? I’ve never heard an average person saying, “I have $10.000 in savings, I’ll just throw $4.000 away.”

Time is more valuable than money. So why would you give away your time? By doing what you love to do, you are doing something of meaning. Stop the busy work and find your dream job! Here are 9 steps that you can use as a guideline.

  1. Decide exactly what kind of job you want. If the job doesn’t exist, create it.
  2. Choose the company or person you want to work for.
  3. Study your potential future employer
  4. Find out what kind of competencies you need to be successful
  5. Do a strengths/weaknesses analysis of yourself. You have to be clear about what kind of value you can offer.
  6. Create a plan of how you’re going to develop your competencies you need further.
  7. Now, apply. Forget about job openings or vacancies. If you can add value to a company, they would be idiots not hiring you.
  8. Once you know what job you want, what the company needs, what competencies you have, and what value you can add, put it on paper. Hire a copywriter or who can help you with his. Or have someone who is in sales look at it. You have to be persuasive.
  9. Find out who has the ‘power’ to hire you. Browse LinkedIn for the senior manager of the department you want to work for. If it is a smaller company, contact the CEO.

This method may take you longer and more analysis of your skills. But it’s worth it to find your dream job. Financially and mentally. By doing something you love you will save yourself many headaches in the long run. You’ll probably earn more money as well. If you follow the standard hierarchy and climb the ladder like everybody else, you will earn exactly the same as everybody else.

Learn More About Finding Your Dream Job

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