Don’t Compete. Create!

abudant thinking

If you think that you have to compete for better jobs or more market share, you’re as wrong as I was.

The idea of competition is engraved in our minds. We believe that we have to compete for the same jobs as others. If someone has a job, that means you can’t have the same job. And if a company has a certain market share, that means you have to compete with that company to “win” a piece of their share.

At least, that’s what conventional advice says. It’s also what I learned in business school. My entire education was based on competing with other businesses. And almost every business book that I’ve read, also assumes that business is competition.

They couldn’t be more wrong. When you assume that you have to compete with other businesses or people for money, jobs or attention, you’re engaged in limited thinking.

Instead, we must adopt an abundance mindset. Wallace D. Wattles, one of the first famed personal development authors, said it best:

“You get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created. You do not have to take anything away from any one.”

The biggest mistake that conventional business thinkers make, is that they believe supply is limited. But that’s not always the case. But even if it was the case, it’s harmful to adopt that mindset.

I think that most people, entrepreneurs and those who are employed, are afraid that someone else beats them to “it.”

Right? We fear that we will lose our clients, business, contracts, attention—and that we will lose everything we worked so hard for as a result.

But that’s exactly the problem. Fear begets fear. When you’re afraid that you won’t be able to grow, what will happen? Exactly, you won’t grow!

Life Is Abundant

A quick look at history shows that mankind always kept moving forward. Sure, we’ve had times of war and economic downfall, but we always recovered and grew.

So when you expect the world economy to not grow, you’re betting against mankind!

I don’t believe that. Humans always find a way to survive and prosper. That’s simply what we do.

You must believe that we live in an abundant world. There is enough opportunity and riches for everyone. So, never allow yourself to think that you won’t make it. What is that good for?

If You Can’t Find The Right Career, Create One

You know life is not easy. And it’s also not easy to find a career that truly satisfies you, both mentally and financially. I know that millions of people face that challenge. But I also know that many of these people limit themselves by thinking that they can’t create a career.

Similar to how I think entrepreneurs and companies should create market share, I also believe that individual people should create a career.

I recently met a “Chief Happiness Officer” at a non-tech company—which is pretty unusual. I did some research, and it appears that Ronald McDonald was the first who had the CHO title in 2003.

After that, tech companies started adopting the title. It’s very simple. A CHO is responsible for the wellness and happiness of employees. I also read that Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, is a big advocate of employee happiness.

But here’s the thing: Traditional companies think it’s bullshit.

Initially, the company I mentioned before shared that thought. And naturally, they didn’t have a CHO position. She told me she had to create the position.

In the past, leaders believed that the only reason people will work for you is because of the salary. The more money you offer, the better the people you attract.

That might be true for some. But more money is not always better. Many people care more about having fun at work, feeling appreciated, and being happy. And that’s what the CHO does successfully.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter what others think. If you believe in something and if you can create value, go for it. There are always people who say things like:

  • No one needs this
  • Your work is garbage
  • You’re wasting your time

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Let them drown in their own limiting beliefs. Instead, do this:

Create. Create. Create.

There’s enough opportunity for everyone in the world. The problem is that most people don’t use these opportunities.

If you want to have a specific career, go out there and create it. The same is true for your business. And don’t focus on limited resources, naysayers, or any other reason you should not do it.

Adopt an abundance mindset. Before you know it, you’ll have so many opportunities that you don’t know what to do with them.

In The Netherlands, we call that a “luxury problem.”

Believe me, it’s the only problem that you want to have.

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