How To Go From Zero To One


Do you have a long list of goals that you want to achieve? No matter how small or large your goals are; some of us never even start.

The main reason is because we know that the first step is the hardest. How do you even set that first step? How do you go from zero to one?

  • From zero revenue to earning your first dollar.
  • From zero followers to one follower.
  • From unemployed to getting á job.
  • From zero users to one user.

In the beginning, it’s not about finding your dream job, becoming a multi-millionaire, having 1M followers.

No, it’s about taking that first step. Your first pleasant job. Your first reader. Your first user. Your first sale.

Here are 7 steps that help bring you from zero to one.

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How To Read 100 Books A Year (infographic)

A little while back I shared my system for reading over 100 books a year in this post. It was awesome to see how many people took it on as a challenge. Because to me, books are the #1 way to absorb knowledge. Think about it. A person often shares years of research & experience in one book. And the best thing is that […]

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