To Chase, Or Not To Chase Your Dream..

I’ve been collecting vinyl records for a long time, especially old records from artists like Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, The Velvet Underground, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, you name it.

I often go to an independent record store is owned by a great guy, who’s in his sixties. He used to be a musician. And for all of the years I’ve been visiting his store, there’s one story he has told me several times.

The story goes like this: “Did you know that I played with Townes Van Zandt in the 80s? He was such a great guy. Great musician. I wish I pursued my own musical career. Who knows what could have happened.”

Exactly — who knows?

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Why Too Much Talking Is Detrimental To Your Success

image by Jonathan Powell

One of my favorite things in the world is talking. I’ve always been like that.

I remember one time, when I was 14, me and a friend watched Fight Club twice in a row because our minds were blown away. We talked about that movie for hours. We started somewhere in the evening and didn’t finish until 5AM.

It was awesome. And I’ve had many other all-night long talks with friends, girlfriends, family, about almost everything (except for the news, politics, and religion—those subjects I always avoid)

Talking really stimulates my mind. And deep conversation is like sex for the brain.

But here’s thing: Too much talking is bad habit for two reasons.

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If Your Answer To ‘How Are You?’ Is ‘Busy’, You Don’t Have A Life

Do you know that feeling of being so busy that time flies with a blink of an eye? We’re so busy with all kinds of things—work, friends, going out, holidays, etc. But being busy is not a good thing at all.

The other day, one of my best friends, Antonio, had his birthday.

We know each other since we were 14 or 15 years old. For the past years we both lived in different places over the world (he’s in Lisbon now) so we haven’t seen each other for a few years — but he’s still like a brother to me. And we always talk to each other on our birthdays. It’s a ritual.

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How To Build The Self-Confidence You Need To Win At Life

Do you ever feel shitty about yourself? It happens all the time to most of us.

It seems like everyone is building billion-dollar businesses, becoming YouTube stars, or making it big on Instagram.

Deep down, most of us also know that it’s 99% bullshit. But at the same time, we see all these people living awesome lives, and we don’t care if it’s real or not.

Whether you want money, fame, travel, or none of that stuff, it doesn’t matter because it always comes down to this: How confident are you?

  • Are you confident enough to say “fuck it,” and pursue you dream?
  • Are you confident enough to say “fuck all this bullshit, I don’t need it,” and stay grounded?

You see? Self-confidence is important if you want to win at life — no matter what you’re after, a lack of confidence will always hold you back.

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The Opportunist’s Guide To Failure

The Opportunist’s Guide To Failure

If you boil down most people’s challenges to one thing, it’s fear. And for most of us, it’s the fear of failure.

What happens if you fail at school? What if your business fails? What if you don’t make it as a professional athlete? How about failing in your relationships?

I could go on like that for a few hours. But have you ever ‘really’ thought about it? I mean in a practical way. What could happen if you fail?

Here are 3 scenarios — you decide which one’s the best.

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Success Is Your Enemy

What’s your plan after you become successful? One person that didn’t have a plan was Casey Neistat after he and his brother had made it.

Casey and his brother Van Neistat sold their TV series The Neistat Brothers to HBO in 2008. But HBO didn’t air that show until 2010. Between 2008 and 2010, Casey did nothing. In his video ‘My Biggest Failure’ he says:

“In those two years, I did nothing. I did nothing because I had “made” it. I sold my show, something I made, to the biggest, baddest, TV channel in the business. I had made it. Then they aired the show. I honestly expected my whole life to be different. But the truth is nothing changed.”

We all have experienced that feeling some way. I remember when I got my master’s degree in 2011. I thought I was the man because I was the first person in my family to get a postgrad.

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10 Habits Of Unsuccessful People You Don’t Want To Copy

Do you really think you’ll be successful if you simply copy other people’s habits? If that was the case, success was easy.

I never met a successful person until I was 24. I grew up in a working-class family—I was more around people who were the opposite.

The first successful person I met was an entrepreneur in his forties. When I started my first real business, he was one of my first clients. When I met him, he was slightly overweight, had more money than he could count, and was merry all the time.

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