September Writing Roundup

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve posted my articles for other publications. I also post all articles on twitter. Hope you enjoy them!

Your Pursuit Of Happiness Results In Unhappiness – Thought Catalog

6 Habits Of Aspiring Leaders – Fast Company

The Easiest Way To Find Your Purpose – Addicted To Success

Notifications Kill Your Productivity: This Is Why I Turned Them Off – Medium

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  1. Hello Darius,
    I just finished reading your post at Addicted to Success and i must confess that i really enjoyed it :). I also left you a comment there and decided to branch over at your own site.

    However, I’ve been looking around here and must confess that i love what I’m seeing, you’re really doing an awesome job on your blog and i must commend your efforts.

    I will be visiting often.

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