Effective Writing Promises You To Become A Persuasive, Believable, and Effective Writer… So You Can Get People To Listen, Act, and Buy. With Your Words Alone.


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Are You A Writer? The Answer is, “Yes.”

We’re all writers. We write text messages, emails, blogs, landing pages, FAQs, reports, etc. Our careers depend on the effectiveness of our words.

There are dozens of examples of writing impacting your daily life. You can’t escape writing. And every time you fail to achieve your goal with writing, it has nothing to do with your literary qualities: It has everything to do with its effectiveness.

Everyday writing has only one goal: Get people to act.

When you learn how to write in a way that resonates with people, in a way that triggers them, you’ve hit gold. That skill will provide you value for the rest of your life.

That’s why I created Effective Writing. In this course, I will teach how you can stand out from the crowd through writing.


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Part I: The 9 Rules Of Effective Writing

Writing is strategy. And in Part I, I’ll show you 9 PRACTICAL writing rules that will make you write effective.

Part II: The Toolkit Of An Effective Writer

An effective writer also needs the right tools. In Part II, I’ll show you all my writing secrets that make life easy. These tools shave hours off the writing process. Plus, I will also show you how to think clearly at all times.

Part III: Getting Results With Your Words

In the final part of this course, I’ll show you the exact ingredients that will make your words more effective than ever. I’ll also share my most important tip about sending cold emails. That tip alone will 2X your conversions on anything. You’ll learn how to:

  • Effectively pitch your articles to top publications
  • Improve your conversions
  • Get more exposure for your products/services
  • Become an authority


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