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How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton Christensen

Book of the month for January 2018

Welcome to this page! A lot of readers have asked me to start a book club. I’ve given it serious thought. But I haven’t thought of a good way to run a book club that has value for everyone. Maybe that’s something for the future. But for now, I thought about sharing my favorite book at a specific moment.

I love to share what I read with everyone. You can tell where I am, mentally. I only read books that I can immediately use to improve my life, career, or business. Plus, you can also discover books on this page that might be relevant for you.

For the very first book of the month of, I want to share the best book I’ve recently read. How Will You Measure Your Life? is a personal development book. But it’s different from everything else I’ve read.

Christensen is a Harvard Business School professor, celebrated author, and former entrepreneur. I think his background makes his writing so unique. He’s a scholar who understands the practical person. He’s intelligent but has no urge to show us how smart he is.

I think that’s why I respect his advice. This book is about creating a strategy for your life. What makes me happy? What should I do with my career? Should I take this opportunity? These are all things Christensen writes about.

And he covers much more. I think it’s the perfect book for the professional who wants to get the most out of their life, career, and relationships.

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Have you read this book? What’s your favorite book at the moment?

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