Getting Things Done Shouldn’t Be Complicated

the dilemma of getting things done
4 min read

I’m all about productivity tools and systems. But sometimes, other writers in this field overcomplicate things when it comes to getting things done.

They talk about systems that require so much time and energy to follow, that productivity becomes a task by itself. Others are so focused on using the right apps on their phones and computers that they are distracted by technology.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Will Not Make You Happy

freedom happiness
4 min read

A few years ago, I gave up my excessive pursuit of happiness. I used to think that the purpose of life was happiness. But that philosophy didn’t work for me. I realized that happiness is always a byproduct. 

When you spend time with people you love, you feel happy. When you invest four years in getting a degree, you feel happy and accomplished when you graduate. You feel happy when you come up with a useful idea at work. You feel happy when you finish a hard workout. You feel happy when you listen to good music. 

You see? Happiness is the byproduct of an action. It can be as simple as having a conversation with someone or listening to a song. 

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Financial Independence Will Not Set You Free

wasting time vs spending time
4 min read

For the longest time, I chased empty goals. Financial independence is one of those goals. An empty goal is something that doesn’t make you feel any different once you achieve it. Can you relate to that?

It’s like studying four years to get a degree and then think to yourself, “this is it? I thought I would feel different.” Nope. That truly is it

“But what about all those long hours? The sacrifices? The debt? The struggle?”

We think that because we expend so much energy on achieving a goal, it must be worth it. And that it must change our lives. But let me tell you, the world will still be the same whether you have 10 degrees or none. It’s also the same for money.

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