How To Keep Going If You Don’t Know What’s Next

focus on the day
3 min read

Getting started with anything is easy. Anyone can become a writer, singer, designer, illustrator, entrepreneur, you name it. But only a few stay one. 

For example, a lot of people want to start a business. But it seems like the emphasis is on starting. Most businesses don’t exist after 5 years. 

Same thing with creative professions. Aspiring writers start off strong and write for several days, weeks or months, and then move on to the next thing that catches their attention. 

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Ambition: The Key Ingredient Of Success

3 min read

What human traits predict career and life success? I’ve been curious about that question since I was 16.

That was also the time I became interested in personal development. I wanted to improve my life and become a better student, friend, son and human being. 

decided to build a good life for myself and the people in my life. Now, 16 years later, I think that decision was probably the most important decision of my life.

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17 Hard Truths About Life I Ignored For Way Too Long

stuck in quicksand
3 min read

I recently got stuck. My attention was scattered, my energy was low, and I didn’t do good work.

At those times, I think of something I learned from one of my friends and mentors: Always return to the basics.

When you’re overwhelmed, confused, or lack drive; return to the basics of life. Ask yourself: What makes a good life? What you’ll find is that you already know the answer. The problem is that you ignore it because the truth is uncomfortable.

So after I got stuck last time, I thought of the hard things about life I was ignoring. Once I returned to these lessons, everything improved again. Here’s the list I made for myself. Remember, these lessons are uncomfortable, but deep down, we all know how important they are.

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