How To Find Mentors

Before there were books, universities, or classes, there were mentorships to pass on wisdom and knowledge. In the west, mentorships exist since the Ancient Greek times—it’s a tried method of learning.

Sometimes people mix up apprenticeships and mentorships. An apprenticeship is basically an internship, which is a system that was created in the Middle Ages.

If you wanted to become a tailor, baker, or merchant, you became an apprentice first and learned the craft on the job.

The main difference between the two is that mentorships are informal. And that’s exactly what makes it difficult to find a mentor.

Most people understand the value of mentors, but finding one is not easy. I also didn’t have mentors until I was out of college.

But in the past six years, I’ve been lucky to cross paths with three great people, who became mentors to me, and taught me invaluable lessons.

There are also several other people that I speak to every once in a while — we exchange ideas, and share knowledge—they are also like mentors. So mentors come in many types of relationships.

Here are seven things I learned about finding a mentor.

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The Opportunist’s Guide To Failure

The Opportunist’s Guide To Failure

If you boil down most people’s challenges to one thing, it’s fear. And for most of us, it’s the fear of failure.

What happens if you fail at school? What if your business fails? What if you don’t make it as a professional athlete? How about failing in your relationships?

I could go on like that for a few hours. But have you ever ‘really’ thought about it? I mean in a practical way. What could happen if you fail?

Here are 3 scenarios — you decide which one’s the best.

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8 Productive Ways To Use The Time You’re Normally Wasting On Waiting

Last week I started asking my readers this question:

“If I could write about 1 thing to make your day better, what would it be?”

I got the idea from Noah Kagan, the founder of SumoMe, and who’s also one of my favorite marketing thinkers.

If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get that question in my welcome email.

Many readers took the time to respond (way more than usual). One reader, Will, replied:

“How do you make the best use of the spaces in the day between other things? The few minutes here and there: waiting in line for coffee, before a meeting starts, waiting for the bus etc. I normally pull out Twitter on my phone, but most content there is rubbish and it feels like wasting time.”

Awesome question, and there’s no way I could put that better. So here we go.

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Work Fucking Hard

One of my mentors is a 71-year-old entrepreneur. He started working since he was 12 years. The thought of retiring has never crossed his mind.

He told me he wants to die working — he loves it that much.

He said: “People will try to tell you that hard work is bad for you. And that you should work less. Don’t listen to them. Those people don’t enjoy their work, and they try to convince you of their fallacy.

It got me thinking. Have you ever heard someone who loves their work, say that you shouldn’t work hard? No way. It’s always the lazy ones — like me back then — that make these statements.

When I first met my mentor, about five years ago, I didn’t understand why he worked seven days a week at his age. Why? Is it money, reputation, escapism?

Like many others, that ask “why would you work hard?” I just didn’t get it back then.

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20 Things That Will Make You More Productive Than Ever

The last year has been huge for me. I’ve got more things done than ever, switched careers and countries, spent loads of time with my family and friends, kept a healthy lifestyle, and exercised at least 5 times a week.

Many variables determine your overall productivity. Tools, apps, or hacks, don’t work if you lack the right mindset because productivity is a way of living.

It’s about achieving maximum output, getting shit done, and not wasting time. I think that output and happiness go hand in hand. To me, doing nothing equals misery.

I want to share 20 things I’ve done in the past 12 months that have made me more productive than ever.

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Today Is The Best Day Of Your Life (so stop procrastinating)

Tomorrow has the potential to be better than today. But this day is the only day you have. And it’s the best day of your life.

“I’ll start tomorrow.” I’ve said that hundreds of times. I’ve said it when I talked about running, writing, working, eating healthier, saying thank you, or any other habit that I wanted to start/improve.

And did that behavior help me? You know the answer to that.

Procrastinating is a bad habit. Research shows that the best way to get rid of a habit is to replace it with another habit.

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
― A.A. Milne

The best way to replace procrastination is by adopting a habit of taking action.

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How To Be A Kind Human Being

 If you want to live a happy life and achieve all your goals, there’s one essential trait you can’t go without: Kindness.

Franklin D. Roosevelt put it well: “Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.”

And yet, cruel people are everywhere. You see it in the workplace, relationships, families, and on the street.

One thing I find is that many of us mistake kindness for weakness. But who says you can’t be kind and firm and the same time? Many think it’s one or the other.

When we study successful people, billionaires, and athletes, we always talk about their work ethic, creativity, and leadership. Those things are essential, and we can learn a lot from them. But one thing that gets less attention is kindness.

That’s why this article and the following observations are about kindness. Kindness has the ability, more than anything else, to improve your life instantly.

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