How To Read 100 Books A Year (infographic)

A little while back I shared my system for reading over 100 books a year in this post.

It was awesome to see how many people took it on as a challenge. Because to me, books are the #1 way to absorb knowledge.

Think about it. A person often shares years of research & experience in one book. And the best thing is that you can buy books for little money. You can even get your hands on them for free by borrowing them. Or you can go to your library.

The point is: Reading gives you knowledge. And knowledge gives you a better life.

Here’s an infographic with my system for reading 100 books a year. Enjoy!

How To Read 100 Books A Year by Darius Foroux
How To Read 100 Books A Year by Darius Foroux

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  1. Great tips. Over the past year i’ve started to use trello (mobile app and browser) to take additional notes while reading. I created a baord for all the books and create a new list for each book. This helps big time with retention and makes reviewing much easier.

  2. I’ve been reading your articles for sometime now. The PZero Lessons helped a lot now that I’m in a college.
    I was wondering if you could tell how YOU retain the knowledge from a book and apply it IRL?

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