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5 Tips To Improve Your Persuasion Skills

How do you get a raise? How do you get good at networking? How do you sell your products? How do you convince people of something you believe in? These are all questions I’ve thought about throughout my career. And I’ve learned that no matter how productive or good you are, it means nothing without […]


🔊Listen: 10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made

Episode 15 of The Darius Foroux show features an audio version of my article about career mistakes. Believe me, I’ve made a lot of unnecessary mistakes. Unnecessary because these are mistakes I could have easily avoided if I learned more from other people’s mistakes. Enjoy! And in case you’d like to read along, I’ve posted […]


How To Improve Your Mindset, Build Strength, And Make A Living Doing What You Love

What’s your definition of a good life? Ask 100 different people, and you’ll probably get 100 different answers. However, there are also a few universal pieces to a good life. Take happiness and health. We all want it. That’s why we collectively spend billions of dollars a year on gym memberships, supplements, training programs, gear, […]

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How To Create Products That Sell For Decades

Every single book that I’ve voluntarily read in my life is because someone else recommended it. That’s true for most of us. Think about it. What’s the last book you finished? Why did you read it? Most of us read books because others told us about them. It’s a great way to learn about good […]


Claude Shannon: Why Curiosity Is Critical To Your Success

Claude Shannon, considered as the Einstein of the Information Age, made many contributions to science and society during his lifetime. That thing you’re holding in your hand or that’s sitting on your lap, reading these very words, are made possible by Claude Shannon. Shannon was an American mathematician and electrical engineer known as “the father […]


🔊Listen: 25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

Last year I decided to make a list of the most important life lessons I had learned until then. I had no idea that two million people would read that article. The article is a reader’s favorite. And I still get emails about the article almost every week. So I thought I’d create an audio version […]

How To Focus Better: Manage Your Attention (not your time)

How To Focus Better: Manage Your Attention (not your time)

How many minutes of undisturbed work do you get done on an average day? 10, 20, maybe 50 minutes? If you think that sounds low, just examine your life. Most of us can’t go undisturbed for more than 10 minutes. We’re all so connected that it becomes impossible to find time to focus on yourself […]