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Hey! I hope you’ve been enjoying my content. If you are, I want to invite you to become a member of my site. Here’s why.

My blog and podcast remain free (and ad-free) and take me hundreds of hours a month to research, write, edit, design, illustrate, and thousands of dollars to sustain.

And unlike many other blogs, I haven’t put up ads or weird monetization schemes. Those things don’t align with my mission: To help the 100,000+ monthly readers of my blog to live a useful (and productive) life that matters.

To accomplish my mission, I need to stay independent, honest, and create content for everyone. So you can see why I need to ask for your support.

What I do is simple. I create content for you: My reader, listener, viewer. People who love what I create and who are willing to support me so I can keep creating.

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BONUS: Win A Portrait

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A membership is not only a donation. I’m grateful for the support I get from readers and listeners. Since I believe in usefulness, I believe you should get something in return.

In fact, I will give you 10X of value in return. That’s a lot of value for a small donation.

No ads. No fake shit. Just me, writing articles, recording podcasts, and making videos that you find useful. What do you say?

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FAQ: What’s the money for?

There’s a lot of free stuff available on my site. And I will keep publishing free content. But it’s not free to run this site. Not only do I invest hundreds of hours in writing and researching, I also build/design everything myself. What seems like a simple blog from the outside, is a beast in disguise that is supported by a lot of services.

That’s why the hosting bill for thousands of monthly readers including things like security, video hosting, web servers, email servers, storage, etc, is well into the thousands per year. Yup, if I want to continue publishing content, and improving this site, I need help.

FAQ: How can I cancel?

You can cancel your membership anytime your want with 1-click from your account settings. After cancellation, you can access everything until the end of your paid-for period.