A Practical Way To Overcome Imposter Syndrome (members-only)

imposter syndrome

Do you ever think, “who cares about anything that I have to say?”

Every time you have a similar thought like that, you’re developing imposter syndrome. There are many ways imposter syndrome expresses itself in your mind:

  • “If I fail this, I will lose everything.”
  • “What if people call me out?”
    “I feel like a fake. I’m not the right person to talk about this.”

After these type of thoughts, we often try to downplay the effects:

  • “It’s not a big deal.”
  • “No one cares anyway.”
  • “It’s a matter of luck, anyway.”

Those secondary thoughts are just a defense mechanism. We try to convince ourselves that our work isn’t important and that no one cares.

We experience imposter syndrome when we have to lead people, share our ideas, give advice, etc….


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