The 7 Best Books I’ve Ever Read About Writing

Writing has helped me to become better at thinking, speaking, and making decisions.

I firmly believe that anything worthwhile in your career should start with writing.

From creating resumes to business plans. If you don’t start with writing, you often lack clarity in your messaging.

And that was also the story of my life. In fact, it still is. Most people never think about it, but it’s damned hard to express yourself.

Do you have a clear answer to questions like:

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The Most Important Working Habit Of Hemingway: Stop At The Height of Your Day

One of my favorite things to study is the working habits of people I look up to. I’ve read about athletes, entrepreneurs, painters, musicians, writers, etc.

And from studying people who were successful in their field, I’ve learned a lot about how they got their work done. A great book to get inspiration about the habits of interesting people is Daily Rituals by Mason Curry.

One thing is sure: Everyone who achieved some form of success, accomplished it by working. But work can happen in many different ways.

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30 Things I’ve Learned From Publishing 100 Articles

On August 7, 2015, I published my first article on When I hit that publish button I had no idea where it would lead to. I also had zero expectations about how many people would read my stuff.

Now, 100 articles further (this is #101), things are a lot different. I never thought I’d meet so many great people through blogging. I also never thought I would end up drawing my own blog images (I was always the least creative kid in school).

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