Four Books That Will Turn You Into A Practical Thinker

think practically

Life is complicated. And I find it fascinating that people tend to make it even more complicated by not thinking practically.

One of the things that we never think about is the way we think. We waste a lot of time trying to solve problems that are not even problems.

Have you ever considered that?

For instance, one of the questions that I get asked often is: “I don’t know how to distribute my time. There are a lot of things I want to do in life. What’s the best way to do everything?”

I think: Why do you even want to do everything? By wanting that, you’re fabricating a problem.

From a practical point of view, you can only do a few things with your time, and that also means you can only do a few things in a lifetime.

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How To Read A Self-Help Book In 90 Minutes

How To Read A Self-Help Book In 90 Minutes

How many books do you have on your reading list? If you’re like me, there are way more books on your list than you can ever read in your lifetime.

And the list always keeps growing, right? Every time I finish a good book, I look at similar books. Or, I ask friends, colleagues, clients, and readers for book recommendations.

But I know that I will never read all the books I have on my list. However, you can read a lot more than you think.

Especially if you, like me, read books to learn new things. Around 80% of the books on my reading list are non-fiction. And I have a simple system that I use to read more non-fiction books.

It only works for any book that starts with “How To.” It doesn’t work for biographies—only self-help. 

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5 Practical Books I Reread Every Year To Live A Better Life

Out all the different ways to learn, books remain my favorite way to absorb knowledge.

What I like about books is that I can read them by myself, in silence. It’s me and the author, one on one, having a conversation in my mind.

In the beginning of this year, I shared my system for reading 100 books a year. It was interesting to see how many people saw it as a challenge. But there were also many skeptics.

  • Why would you read so much?
  • This guy is full of shit.
  • There’s no way I can do that.

Think what you want. Reading changes people. And fortunately, many people in this world read a lot. That’s a good thing.

I strongly believe that reading, and educating yourself, is the answer to a better life. And ultimately, freedom. Nelson Mandela said it best:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Out of all the books I’ve read, I have a small number of favorite books. I always keep them on my desk.

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How To Read 100 Books A Year (infographic)

A little while back I shared my system for reading over 100 books a year in this post.

It was awesome to see how many people took it on as a challenge. Because to me, books are the #1 way to absorb knowledge.

Think about it. A person often shares years of research & experience in one book. And the best thing is that you can buy books for little money. You can even get your hands on them for free by borrowing them. Or you can go to your library.

The point is: Reading gives you knowledge. And knowledge gives you a better life.

Here’s an infographic with my system for reading 100 books a year. Enjoy!

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100 Great Books To Read In A Lifetime

Image credit: O Palsson
Have you ever read a book that totally blew your mind? Books have the power to change your perspective on life.

How many times have you heard about some person that decided to pursue something simply because she read a book? It happens all time.

Until I was 17, I believed that reading was something you had to do at school, or something that you did for entertainment. I hated reading.

But when I read The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene, I discovered another aspect of reading. There was a lot of talk about how that book teaches you how to get power. At the time, that notion sounded appealing to me so I picked up the book.

This is what I discovered: Reading teaches how to do things. Do you want to become better at relationships? Read a book. Want to get in shape? Read a book.

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How To Read 100 Books A Year

Does your reading list keep growing? Did you buy books that you’ve never read? It might be time to cross more books from your list this year than ever.

If you’re reading less than you want, you’re not the only one. One year ago I looked at my Goodreads page and noticed that I had read only five books in 2014. That realization frustrated me.

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