How To Read A Self-Help Book In 90 Minutes

How To Read A Self-Help Book In 90 Minutes

How many books do you have on your reading list? If you’re like me, there are way more books on your list than you can ever read in your lifetime.

And the list always keeps growing, right? Every time I finish a good book, I look at similar books. Or, I ask friends, colleagues, clients, and readers for book recommendations.

But I know that I will never read all the books I have on my list. However, you can read a lot more than you think.

Especially if you, like me, read books to learn new things. Around 80% of the books on my reading list are non-fiction. And I have a simple system that I use to read more non-fiction books.

It only works for any book that starts with “How To.” It doesn’t work for biographies—only self-help. 

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How To Go From Procrastinate Hero To Procrastinate Zero


A reliable system for overcoming procrastination and achieving more.

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Do you know that feeling? You have to do something, but somehow you just don’t do it? That’s procrastination. We all do it.

And the funny thing is, we often procrastinate tasks that benefit us in the long-term.

For years, I wanted to write a book. But I never started. For years, I wanted to run every day. But I didn’t. And to be honest, I can go on for a few hours about the stuff I always wanted to do, but never did.

I was a true procrastinate hero.

And if you look at the world today, it’s not a surprise most of us procrastinate.

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The One Thing Nobody Ever Told You About Personal Branding

myth of personal branding

Don’t be an idiot.

And while we’re at it, a personal brand is hugely overrated. It suggests that you can advance your career by creating a reputation.

But don’t fool yourself. A reputation, or personal brand, is something you don’t fully control.

A lot of people try to tell you that you have to “enhance” your brand. I’ve heard it since 2004 when I got my first sales job while I was in college. The advice was, “work on your personal brand, and you can make a promotion very quickly.”

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Self-Reliance Is The Secret Sauce To Consistent Happiness

self reliance, trust yourself

Modern society has not advanced one bit ever since it started. Sure, technology has advanced. And the world is safer. But when you talk about society itself, nothing has changed.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best in his 1841 essay called Self-Reliance:

“Society is a wave. The wave moves onward, but the water of which it is composed does not.”

People have not changed. The problems you’re facing today are not new. And one of those problems is that we are needy. VERY needy.

Why is that a problem? Without self-reliance, you can never be consistently happy. And even though the purpose of life is not happiness in my opinion, being happy is still something that’s important to us.

Happiness determines the quality of your life. No one wants to live a shitty life.

Let’s look at how self-reliant you are.

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How To Study People You Admire And Ask For Their Advice

I often talk about how I like to learn from other people. The primary way I do that is by just studying them.

In most cases, you don’t even need to contact people to learn from them. That’s why people write books and blog posts. That’s also why entrepreneurs speak at events or create courses.

It’s far more effective to use a medium that allows you to reach a lot of people to spread ideas. Otherwise, people would spend their whole lives to do 1-on-1 conversations and emails.

When someone writes a book, they can reach everyone who is interested.

And yet, a lot of people believe they should randomly email people and ask for advice. Why? You can get most of the advice you need by reading the person’s book or blog.

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