Hey, I’m Darius Foroux.

darius foroux

Did you know that only 10% of the visitors visit the about page?

That practically makes us best friends. That’s the way I prefer it anyway.

I’m not the formal type. I like to get to know my readers, clients, partners, etc. Life is about building relationships.

Anyway, here’s me in 10 seconds.


What I’m Doing Now

  • It’s winter in Holland. I’m not at my best when it’s cold. But that’s okay. I still go out and run.
  • I’m working on my usual tasks. Our family business requires 1 or 2 days of work per week from me. The rest I’m spending on my consulting practice, online course, and blog.
  • I just finished the updated and expanded edition of my first book, Win Your Inner Battles. Self-publishing is a pretty painful process. But it’s worth it because I prefer to have full control over my book and its distribution.
  • I’m also working new articles for 2017. I took some time to plan topics I want to write about. Mostly based on questions I received from readers. As usual, I’m writing about productivity and overcoming procrastination. But I’ve also been asked about business and marketing. I’ll be sharing my perspective on those topics too.
  • Also recording new video lessons for Procrastinate Zero, and Effective Writing (a new course I’m working on).

Last updated December 23. Inspired by Derek Sivers


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