Hey, I’m Darius Foroux.

darius foroux

Did you know that only 10% of the visitors visit the about page?

That practically makes us best friends. That’s the way I prefer it anyway.

I’m not the formal type. I like to get to know my readers, clients, partners, etc. Life is about building relationships.

Anyway, here’s me in 10 seconds.


What I’m Doing Now

  • Just started a solo podcast. Having fun with it. Got a few episodes coming up in the next few weeks. Also received a lot of questions from readers that I’m going to answer.
  • It’s still cold in Holland. I don’t like running in the cold, rain and wind. So I’m spending more time in the gym, lifting weights.
  • I’m in the middle of recording new lessons for my two classes: Procrastinate Zero and Effective Writing.
  • The rest of my time I’m spending writing, working on a new software product for Vartex, and giving productivity training at businesses.

Last updated February 3. Inspired by Derek Sivers.